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Social Compliance Management Program

American River Group of Companies offers our professional excellence as an option for your social compliance management process complete with a global footprint in place to execute,manage and facilitate a worldwide social compliance management program complete with site visit verification's, audits, risk assessments and improvement plans leading towards best practices and affirmation of compliance to meet global compliance recognition. US Customs and Border Protection have recently added the Social Compliance area to a list of requirements to meet the Trusted Trader Status for Import Self-Assessment participants and a standing recommendation for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)


Our team of global social compliance professionals are expert in the vast areas of social compliance controls inclusive but not limited to the following:

  • Foreign supplier site visit risk assessments

  • Risk Assessment and Evidence of Implementation Management

  • Social Compliance foreign site audits

  • Social Compliance affirmation check list verification's

  • Child labor vetting and verification's

  • Forced labor vetting and verification's

  • Tier 1-2-3 levels of supply chain sourcing verification's

  • Robust Social compliance management written procedures review

  • Risk rating matrix

  • Best practice identifications

  • Foreign supplier action item plan for improvement

  • ARGC/SGS Global Partnership Compliance Initiative

Contact us today and take this important and necessary step towards the enhancement of your global trade management process and defensive platform of social compliance management.

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