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Is a web based SAAS application. We can customize to your company's needs. We allow for interactive lookup's, batch process (scheduled or On Demand) or API (Application Program Interface) solutions. Whatever you need we can support you.  We get updates from all the applicable government lists on a daily basis.  The value added tools within Compliant One are:

  • HTS Queries (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) New With China Tariffs 

  • Schedule B Queries

  • E.C.C.N. Query (Export Control Classification Number)

  • USML/ITAR Information (U.S. Munitions List/Int’l Traffic Arms in Regulations)

  • Country Chart Reference

Flag Prohibited Parties (Denied Party Searches)

We screen every required list and all lists needed for your industry

Harmonized Tariff Number Query
A tool to look up HTS numbers. It gives information on acceptable unit of measures and applicable tariff rates. We now added the new duty increase rates if falls within the New China Tariffs

Schedule B Query
A tool to look up Schedule B numbers. It gives information on acceptable unit of measures.

E.C.C.N. Query
By entering keywords of items you plan to export, it finds and displays all commodity categories found and displays all E.C.C.N. Citations. It allows you to view the entire citation or just the partial E.C.C.N. Citation.

It also allows you to enter the Ultimate Destination Country code to see if the destination has an E.C.C.N. citation. It warns you if you may need an export license.

USML/ITAR Information
Defense articles and defense services are subject to the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation).  

It determines if the shipment is covered by the US Munitions List (USML), it guides if you want to request a C.J.(Commodity Jurisdiction).

Country Chart Reference
This feature allows you to enter a country. It shows a matrix of possible categories that a 
country/product may require a license for:

  • Chemical & Biological

  • Nuclear Weapons

  • Non-Proliferation

  • National Security

  • Missile Technology

  • Regional Stability

  • Firearms Convention

  • Crime Control

  • Anti-Terrorism


Product Management
This feature allows you to maintain your own database of your product

codes with HTS/Schedule B and ECCN product codes.

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