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Presenting an Award



An humanitarian award is designed to honor individuals who exemplify the compassionate nature for others through voluntary efforts to promote the well-being and health their neighbors, friends, colleagues and even strangers. The actions of demonstrating and actively expressing a commitment to humanity and exhibiting admirable degrees of selflessness in addressing key health concerns related to the COVID 19 pandemic is a quality that deserves recognition, praise and appreciation.


Valerie Frias, has demonstrated an immeasurable degree of compassion and selflessness for her neighbors, colleagues, family, friends and even individuals that she has never met by arranging and confirming COVID vaccine appointments on their behalf. Valerie has confirmed over 100 Covid vaccine appointments for others including myself and family. Valerie has accomplished vaccine appointments for most of the NY office employees independently as a voluntary effort of humanitarian health aid.


Our life is not only measured by our own individual accomplishments but rather by the good that we can serve and bring to and for others. It is for her tremendous actions that Valerie has accomplished that we honor her with the first ever ARGC Valerie Frias Humanitarian Award 2021.


Join me in this salute to an extraordinary person, Valerie Frias.




Rennie Alston, CEO

American River Group of Companies

Phone 908 313-7605

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