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American River Group of Companies- Alliance CHB

American River Group of Companies has over two decades of duty drawback expertise ranging from unused merchandise to manufacturing refund claims. Our team of qualified experts will hand hold your company through the process of revenue recovery with an internal ability to extract necessary data for complete claim filings. We specialize in the new simplified duty drawback process to maximize claim refunds as an immediate benefit to your company bottom line. We offer full service drawback filings and consultations from feasibility reviews to drawback program building.

​ARGC operates under a shared cooperative business structure in a business structured partnership
agreement with Alliance CHB, Inc. that has represented full service drawback facilitation and education
and training management since our business alignment in 2017.

Alliance International CHB, Inc. has proven over the years to be a very high skilled duty drawback service
provider demonstrating an excellent ability to combine automated solutions and proactive strategy
planning to simplify the duty drawback recovery process for international trade participants eligible for
duty drawback refunds.

The team in place at Alliance International CHB, Inc. has demonstrated industry expertise in the full
scope of duty drawback categories with the ability to capture relevant information necessary to maximize
claims while putting forth a professional and defensible platform as representatives to U.S. Customs and
Border Protection in the process of the request for refund of applicable duties, taxes and fee recovery.
Alliance International CHB, Inc. has proactive vision in place that will serve as your best option in
maximizing your return related to duty drawback legacy and simplification program eligibility concepts as
they remain at the forefront of CBP updates, amendments and newly implemented program
developments that have expanded the scope of refund eligibility. They are personable and professional
which is a key to the duty drawback process.

ARGC operates with the utilization of our drawback field execution team operating under the independent
business identity through our related party structure as Alliance CHB as our organization continues to
serve the international trade community as we have for the past thirty-five years as an international trade
consultant and advisory service.

The Alliance partnership continues as a demonstration of continued growth of our excellence and
customer service expertise offerings.

Rennie Alston
Rennie Alston, CEO
American River Group of Companies
Phone 732-947-5485

  • Duty drawback consultation

  • Duty drawback entry filing

  • Drawback feasibility reviews

  • Notice of intent filings

  • Drawback records retention services

  • Simplified Duty Drawback claim management

  • Duty drawback program construction and management

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