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January 6, 2020

To our valued clients,

Due to the escalating instability of diplomatic relationships between the United States and Iran and the pending risk of retaliatory action from Iran, we American River Group of Companies as your acting international freight forwarder, customs brokerage provider and international trade consultant would like to inform your company of elevated considerations that must be taken into account regarding international shipping during these uncertain times.

We advise advanced forecast planning to be considered as the above-mentioned conflict can have an immediate impact on shipping lanes that involve passage through Iranian controlled waters and regionally effected trade lane areas. Shipping lanes in the region could affect region nation shipping profiles such as but not limited to India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

The effects of this conflict regarding international shipping may immediately affect the cost of fuel resulting in an immediate increase in fuel surcharge caused by all international carriers. Your company should forecast for this increase in your global supply chain landed cost module as a consideration. Controls of shipping information should be elevated to protect against unauthorized access to your systems data resulting in increased vulnerability to Cyber-attacks and compromised company informational systems.

Additionally, wartime insurance coverage to proactively ensure that your global supply chain profile has risk coverage to match increased risks in the region is recommended.

It is the position of American River Group of Companies to continue to represent the best interest of our clients through informed and advance preparation to manage your global supply chain needs as best as possible. Our worldwide agency network is on alert and at the ready to provide alternative options for shipment lane diversions, alternate inventory storage and supply chain conflict advisory assistance.

While we wish for the best and peaceful resolutions for any and all conflicts, we encourage all of our clients to remain aware of the need to be proactive in your sales and procurement practices inclusive of contractual commitments regarding timelines and deliverables that may face disruption.

You may contact Sarah Reynolds and Richard Wohlrab at any time to review any global transportation inquiry that involves concern on your part related to your global supply chain interests.  Their contact information is / 631-396-6831 and / 631-396-6809.



Rennie Alston, CEO

American River Group of Companies

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